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The pet friendliest cabin company in the whole universe

What’s So Great About the Blue Ridge Mountains?

The beautiful scenery and peaceful tranquility that the Blue Ridge Mountains are able to provide are just two amazing things about this wonderful mountain retreat. Escape into nature with family and friends and have access to an abundance of both relaxation and recreation activities. Whether you’re just wanting to rest in a hammock soaking up the sun or would rather be playing in the water, Sliding Rock Cabins selection of Blue Ridge Mountain cabins has the perfect amenities to keep any family busy and satisfied.

Just a few perks of staying with Sliding Rock Cabins include:

  • Choice of water front, mountain view, and even fenced in cabins.
  • Personal chefs available to cook gourmet meals right in the comfort of you own cabin.
  • Massage therapists available to give massages in your cabin or riverside
  • Pet friendly cabins so you won’t have to leave your family pet behind
  • Event planning for business meetings, weddings, and family or school reunions
  • Grocery delivery so you won’t have to leave the fun behind for even a moment

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Rick Mark

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