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What Makes a Cabin in the Mountains So Relaxing?

This just in…getting a cabin in the mountains is about as relaxing a vacation as you will ever have. Why? Well, we guess it’s for multiple reasons. Here are the first couple that come to mind:

1. Mountain air–Here at Sliding Rock Cabins, we get a lot of folks from the big city visiting. Why? Well one reason is the air. They’re used to all that smog that the loads of cars and refineries pump into the air. But when they get here, suddenly they find themselves taking deeper breaths than they ever have, their lungs filling up with fresh mountain air. Nothing says relaxation like a lungful of fresh air.

2. The amenities–When the average person thinks of booking a vacation rental with loads of amenities, renting a cabin in the woods probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, that’s just a simple misconception. When you book with us, you’ll enjoy all the amenities you’ll get at any standard (or greater!) hotel. From hot tubs to full kitchens to in-room chefs, it’s all available to add to your relaxation.

You need to relax. Book your cabin stay today!

Rick Mark

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