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The pet friendliest cabin company in the whole universe

We’re the Most Pet Friendly You’ll Find

Sliding Rock Cabins believes that going on vacation means fun for the entire family, pets included. We understand how important your family pet can be and we would hate to make you have to part with your beloved friend. That’s why all of our cabins are pet friendly. Forget about having to find and pay for a sitter. You’ll feel assured knowing your pet will be enjoying itself right along with the rest of the family all vacation long.

Reasons we’re the most pet friendly:

  • We don’t charge a pet deposit like most hotels and resorts
  • There isn’t a weight or size limit on the pets you bring
  • We provide clean-up bags for you in order to keep the area clean

Sliding Rock Cabins would love for you to bring your family pet along, but please keep in mind that you will be held responsible for any damages resulting from a curious furry friend. Click here to view our FAQ.

Rick Mark

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