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The pet friendliest cabin company in the whole universe

Top 4 Reasons Your Teenager Will Love Sliding Rock Cabins

Tired of the daily grind? Need a break, but don’t know a place where both you and your teen would like? Well Sliding Rock Cabins is the answer to all your problems. We have everything that could make your entire family (including that teenager who is never pleased) have the best vacation there is to offer.

Here are four very good reasons why you should consider one of their cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

  1. Unique local stores- Your teenager can get things that fit their personal style and none of their friends will own.
  2. Pet lovers- Your furry family members can come too. So if your teen is an animal lover, they don’t have to leave their pets behind.
  3. A place to relax- A place for you and your teen to take a breather and escape from the drama or everyday life.
  4. Never a dull moment- Your cabin will have cable TV, DVD players, pool tables, hockey tables, and unlimited Wireless Internet Access. So if all else fails, they can park in front of the TV while you enjoy the outdoors!

So hurry and book your stay to make your whole family happy!

Rick Mark

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