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Summer Isn’t Over

Although summer is well underway, it’s not quite over. What does that mean for you, besides the fact that you have another month or so before the kids go back to school? Well, it means you still have a bit longer to plan that last minute summer getaway. All you have to do is visit our homepage and see exactly what Sliding Rock Cabins has to offer!

Escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Isn’t it time you fled from the everyday hustle that has you stressed and tense? Face it, you owe it to yourself to experience at least a weekend of the sort of peace and quiet that only the Blue Ridge Mountains could offer you. When you stay in one of our secluded cabins, you can reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your very soul in the process. Breathe in quality country air and listen to the sounds of birds chirping and rivers babbling.

Like we said—you owe it to yourself. So book your last minute North Georgia summer vacation now!

Rick Mark

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