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Spend the Holidays in a Blue Ridge Mountain Cabin

As summer draws to an end, vacation might still be on your mind. Don’t worry though. The holidays are right around the corner. Why not use them as an opportunity to take another vacation?

Blue Ridge Mountains is your Holiday Destination

We can get you lined up with everything you could possibly need, from a great chef to ensure you have the best holiday feast, to a giant fireplace where you can curl up beside the roaring fire and feel cozy and warm with your entire family—or alone with that special someone.

Other offerings include gift baskets that are already assembled, for you to give your loved ones and the amazing winter view.  Never seen snow before? Once you’re in the mountains, you’ll truly be in a winter wonderland.

Stay at Sliding Rock Cabins This Holiday Season

You want to spend the holidays in the mountains? Give us a call now 866-666-222 and book your winter vacation.

Rick Mark

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